classy lady stoner.


lok'tar ogar,
My name is Briana. I'm 20.
north carolina. i love copeland, why, bright eyes, the mountain goats & okkervil river. i like the xfiles, battlestar galatica, skins, futurama, archer, bob's burgers, sailor moon, soul eater, kill la kill, attack on titan, literally a thousand other shows, movies, books & music i don't feel like listing. i like to smoke a lot of weed and hangout with my dog. i'm a hopeless romantic. i like video games and sleeping all day. raging feminist. i make and sell jewelry. i only believe in spreading good vibes. this is a safe place, if you ever need someone to talk to, i'll listen without judging and do my best to help.
i track godshideouscreation / classy lady stoner

if you see anything that is yours without credit, just link me to the post ,
nothing is mine unless i say otherwise. i post a lot, sometimes about things that are nsfw.

As I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the baddest fucking bitch in the god damn valley.

Before asking me a question/ send me hatemail, how about you read this or i'll stab u.
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i'm still trying to figure out who i am, i'll have to get back to you.
kik & snapchat; brianakeller
if you send me your dick on kik or snapchat i will block you :-)

birds. on Flickr.

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