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lok'tar ogar,
My name is Briana. I'm 20.
north carolina. i love copeland, why, bright eyes, the mountain goats & okkervil river. i like the xfiles, battlestar galatica, skins, futurama, archer, bob's burgers, literally a thousand other shows, movies, books & music i don't feel like listing. i like to smoke a lot of weed and hangout with my dog. i'm a hopeless romantic. i like video games and sleeping all day. raging feminist. i make and sell jewelry. i only believe in spreading good vibes. this is a safe place, if you ever need someone to talk to, i'll listen without judging and do my best to help.
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nothing is mine unless i say otherwise. i post a lot, sometimes about things that are nsfw.

As I walk through the shadow of the valley of death, I shall fear no evil, for I am the baddest fucking bitch in the god damn valley.

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i'm still trying to figure out who i am, i'll have to get back to you.
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American Horror Story: Freak Show

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okay so few days ago i showed you guys the shirts i’ve made and yeah lots of people asked me to make a tutorial about it so this is the first one :) i hope you all like it or at least understand heh thanks :)

ok so this is my first tutorial [1/?]

how to make your own shirts using textile paint by gerardwaysgay :)

well in this tutorial i’m going to teach you how to make your own ’ thanks for the venom’ shirt but this technique also works for any other idea you have I’m just doing this to show you guys hmm this is like an example :)


  • a white/black plain shirt
  • textile paint [whatever color you want to use] easy to find and super cheap!
  • a brush [i recommend you to get a small one too yknow for the details]
  • the image you are going to use [in this case i will use ‘thanks for the venom’ pic] if you are going to make the same shirt; click HERE to download the image.
  • a cutter


  1. find a easy pic to put on your shirt, like a text or something easy [pss if you arent a patient person then dont pick too complicated designs aha]
  2. open a work new doc and paste your image there, try to make it big and then print it [if you dont have printer then you can sketch it in a white paper, that works too]
  3. now use the cutter, do exactly the same like the example on my pic.
  4. iron your shirt, make sure there are not wrinkles and put like a notebook under your shirt, i’d be easier to paint.
  5. now fix your image on your shirt [use tape around the corners, itd be easier]
  6. just follow the steps [images]
  7. when you done, use double layer of paint for each letter.
  8. take off the paper when your done, and use the lil brush to fix the mistakes 
  9. now just let it cold down and tatan your shirt is finished!

[sorry if this tutorial sucks but i dont speak english so i thought itd be easier using pics and explaining each step] :) [message me if you get lost in some step or didn’t understand and will try to explain it better]

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Olafur Eliasson has installed a riverbed inside the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Denmark

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officially for sale on my etsy website

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porn special y’all


hi, since the battery in my expensive ass camera is dead, (its 5 years old so what did i expect) i’m having a sale on my porn blog so i can raise some funds to buy a new one.

so from september 11 - september 21 you can click here to pay for 1 month of porn blog access for 10 dollars. (usually it’s 25, this deal will not be going on for long so act fast!)

yes, you may buy more than one month. 

yes, if you just bought a month i will add it to your month

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Im so fucking mad Westbero Baptist Shit or whatever can literally mob around funerals and spew their crazy shit about god and how you’re going to hell but when people go to defend a black teen that was shot with out any reason besides pure blatant racism they’re getting arrested, shot, gassed, beat. Unbelievable this is 2014 not 1950.

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Title: Ordinary Artist: Copeland 7,985 plays




Copeland | Ordinary (2014)


So excited for their new album

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even if we have never spoke before, i will listen to your problems. you’re not alone. you’re not the only person who’s sad. i promise you’re not the only one who struggles to choke down food, or to keep it down. you’re not the only one who thinks you’re too fat. you’re not the only one who cuts…

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  • i dont wanna see your dick
  • im not tryin to sext
  • tell me your name, 2 things about you, your age, and something you hate when you message me. 

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